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New Trailer for Netflix’s Fuller House Debuts on Ellen

This trailer's all that and a bag of chips!

It’s almost here, Fans of All Things 1980s-90s! Fuller House, the follow-up to that classic show of my youth, Full House, is coming to Netflix on February 26th. The new trailer premiered on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during a segment where DeGeneres interviewed some of the cast (watch the full segment above, or you can cut to the trailer at around 2:30), and you know what? This show actually looks pretty good!

The show totally plays to old-school sensibilities – in fact, when Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) tells Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) that she’s stuck in the 90s, Gibbler says, “My moves are all that and a bag of chips. Talk to the hand, loser. Oh, snap! You go, girl. I think I just did.” However, what surprised me most is how successfully the show has been updated. The vibe feels very much like a modern sitcom, even as it pushes our nostalgia buttons.

The show focuses on Candace Cameron-Bure’s DJ Tanner-Fuller moving back into the Tanner family home with her kids after she’s widowed, and Stephanie and Kimmy move in to help support her in her time of need. What adds to the modern sensibility is that the show focuses so much on female experience. Yes, Danny, Jesse, and Joey will all be on the show, too, but this is about three adult women starting a different chapter in their lives, and that’ll be an interesting perspective.

Whereas much of the humor in the original series was supposed to stem from the fact that it was about three men trying to date as bachelors while also dealing with three girls. It was the Mr. Mom kind of humor pop culture had back then in any scenario in which men are raising children on their own. As if the mere idea of men attempting to parent were inherently funny. I think this particular show handled that well, but it also certainly played into certain ideas about gender roles. I’m looking forward to seeing how Fuller House flips that script.

Sadly, there’ll be no Michelle this time. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have declined being a part of this for a while, though Executive Producer Jeff Franklin hopes they’ll change their minds in the future. If Fuller House becomes popular, maybe they will!

What do you think of the new trailer? Will you be checking out Fuller House later this month?

(via Variety, featured image via Netflix)

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