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Free Public Wi-Fi Almost Everywhere in New York for Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner Customers

This is fantastic news for customers of the big three cable companies in New York and thereabouts: Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner have just announced a joint agreement allowing customers of any of the three companies to freely access public Wi-Fi hotspots belonging to any of the three in the New York metropolitan area. Customers in Connecticut and New Jersey will also be able to reap the benefits.

No, it’s not quite as good as the free public Wi-Fi available all over some European cities — if you’re not a customer of any of the three, you’re still out of luck — but it’s pretty darn good for the free market, especially as a work of cooperation. It’s certainly a big step up from Time Warner’s offer of free Wi-Fi to its customers a few weeks ago, since taken together, this represents a huge number of Wi-Fi hotspots — Boy Genius Report pegs the number as being in the “thousands.”

(Boy Genius Report via Gizmodo)

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