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A Mental Aid: Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

It’s been a long week, and we’d just like to remind you that the best day of the year is close at hand: Free Comic Book Day.  In order to sear this information into your brain, we’re going to associate it with the most awesome thing we’ve seen all day, these absolutely fabulous Marvel superhero headphones and ear-buds.

They are all up for (single tear) pre-order at for fifteen bucks, and tomorrow, you will be able to obtain comic books for exactly fifteen dollars less than the cost of these headphones.

Your Guide to a Free Comic Book Day Adventure

  • Step 1: Go to your local participating comic book store. Don’t know where one is?

  • Step 1b: Enter your zip code in the FCBD store locator.

  • Step 1c: Go to your local participating comic book store.

  • Step 2: Receive free comics!

  • Bonus Step 3, for experienced players: Buy something.  The comics are free for you, but they’re not free for your local store.  Grab a trade paperback or a game or a poster.  You’ll be helping support fan culture.  I plan on using this year’s FCBD as an excuse to introduce my family to Munchkin.

Just remember to get there early.  The comics are free, after all.  Happy Free Comic Book Day!

(via Comics Alliance.)

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