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Forget Myers-Briggs, I Want to Know Which Character From The Wilds You Are

My new obsession and yours too!

Because 2020 has been the year of radical, uncomfortable change it’s time we let go of one of the internet’s long-held, go-to fascinations: The Myers-Briggs personality test. Not only is it mostly bogus, but the woman who created it, Isabel Briggs-Myers, was also deeply racist. (She even wrote a whole novel about it.) And even though this is not “new” news by any measure, the Myers-Briggs test has still maintained it’s popularity through constant meme-ification. But I say enough! It’s time to replace it with something far more perceptive. And by that, I mean my new YA television obsession: The Wilds. Eight teenaged girls are stranded on a deserted island and have to figure out how to work together in order to survive. They are all unique, fully realized, and complex characters that also have the ability to transcend into new archetypes of our own personal psyches! At least, that’s what I have decided. So read on to see if you are a Martha, a Rachel, or even some hybrid Nora-Fatin (wouldn’t that be wild!)

Fatin – The Diva

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You are supremely confident in every way. In your abilities, in your appearance, and in your goals. As such, you care little what others might think of you. Boundary pushing is what you do best. You love (and care deeply) about your aesthetic and if others accuse you of being “basic” – who cares! The only person that matters is you! You are motivated by physical goods and pleasures. Especially when it comes to your love life. You basically let your Id guide you in most matters. You just have to be careful to not let your Id steer you into laziness! But you are also incredibly perceptive and extremely honest. People might think you are superficial but you are intelligent easily see into the heart of the people around you. Watch out though, you can be easily frustrated by people and your perception and honesty might twist into cruelty and you could end up hurting those you care about most.


Dot – The Caregiver

On the opposite end of the spectrum from “The Diva,” your focus is always on others rather than yourself. You spend all of your time taking care of those around you, whether it’s nursing your dying father or keeping the group of survivors from falling apart, and you take very little time for yourself. As such, you are obsessed with practicality, caring only about what is useful. You love a good pair of cargo pants. As a caregiver and one with lots of practical knowledge you find yourself being depended on by others but you are uncomfortable with being labeled a “leader” – you would much rather stay on the fringe or behind the scenes. Just make sure that you take time for yourself or you will become overwhelmed by the responsibilities placed on your shoulders. You are also naturally introverted so taking some “me time” by yourself to recharge.


Martha – The Optimist

An actual angel, you have the miraculous ability to always see the good in people and the light in every dark situation. You are extremely loyal to those you love and kind to everyone around you. You care deeply about your chosen family and your heritage. You are a gentle soul, a pacifist that struggles with the thought of hurting animals even if it’s necessary for your survival. You are extremely trusting of others and your loyalty can sometimes lead to blind stubborn-ness. Your optimism can sometimes be a shield that you use to protect yourself with, compartmentalizing and repressing painful memories, especially if it was someone you trusted who hurt you deeply. It’s important to acknowledge painful truths and process your trauma, and you will find that you have a core of inner-strength.


Toni – The Pessimist

You’ve had an extremely difficult life and it’s forced you to develop a tough exterior in order to survive. You wear your strength and aggression like a suit of armor but inside it you are a big softie. You are extremely loyal to those you love and your bad-ass shell hides a tender heart. If your physical and emotional strength is your armor, then your blunt honesty is your sword. You never mince words and you never back down from a fight. Because of your past you have a hard time trusting people or seeing the best in them. You have a hard time letting people see your marshmallow core and you often let your temper get the best of you. Be careful not to let your fear and anger rule you because you might push away the people you love the most.


Rachel – The Captain

My Type A queen, you are a natural born leader. You are strong, confident in your abilities, and you aren’t afraid to advocate for yourself and for what you think is best. You are extremely driven which can be a good thing, but be careful that your single-mindedness and dedication doesn’t lead to self harm. It’s ok if things don’t always go your way or if the future you saw for yourself doesn’t come to pass. It can be hard to admit, but your drive and ambition were inspired by your need to earn the respect of those you love. As such, it can be hard to let go of lost dreams and all too easy to compare yourself to others. Especially their perceived successes. Just don’t let your competitive nature drive a wedge between you and say, your sister.


Nora – The Scientist

Unlike The Captain, you are very comfortable being on the outskirts. In fact, being in the thick of things can trigger your anxiety. You are extremely intelligent and analytical, and sometimes logical to a fault. You love puzzles, word games, and solving the mysteries of how things work. You might be extremely introverted but you do have a sharp sense of humor and are loyal to those you care about. You love working behind the scenes and find that the easiest way to care for those you love. You might seem physically weak but you have found your own way to be a protector. Just be careful not to let your inquisitive, experimental side take over and detach you from your instincts. You might be manipulated by others into creating a dangerous situation. Sometimes the experiment is just not worth it.


Shelby – The Prom Queen

You view yourself as a diplomat. You are very polite to everyone you meet and you try very hard not to rock the boat. Because of your upbringing you are more traditional, conservative, and might even hold some troubling beliefs. Your family holds you to a very high standard and you are always trying your best to be their perfect child. You can sometimes be too obsessed with social etiquette and appearances. However this polish exterior hides a core that is at war with itself. Your heart is in direct conflict with the expectations of your family and you are terrified of disappointing them. This fear of others discovering your true self has led you to hurt those you care about in the past, so it’s important to be brave this time. Let yourself get dirty, let people see your imperfections, and let yourself love who you love.


Leah – The Poet

Oh Leah. You are very intelligent but you are an emotional hurricane. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Whatever you are feeling you feel it ten thousand percent. Because of this you are a die hard romantic. You often get lost in your fantasies and day dreams, which can make you a great writer but also can blind you from seeing the truth about people, especially ones you love. You often fall for the wrong person and your big, smooshy heart means that bad people can sometimes take advantage of you. It’s important to pull yourself out of your inner-world before you become trapped in your navel-gazing because just as your positive emotions can sweep you off to fantasy land, your anxiety and fear can lead you down a dark path of paranoia and depression. It’s important to listen to others, even if they are telling you a truth you would rather not hear.


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