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#FollowFriday: LOL My Thesis (@lolmythesis)

It'll make you laugh and then wonder why we even bother trying.


LOL My Thesis @lolmythesis

You know how this works by now. It’s Friday, so we’re recommending a Twitter account for you to follow. It’s #FollowFriday. This week, @lolmythesis, a genius account that summarizes years of academic research and writing into one geniusly oversimplified sentence.

Who she is:

LOL My Thesis is run by a woman named Angela Frankel. In the about page of the account’s Tumblr, she describes it this way:

Initially intended as a means of procrastination from my own thesis, this blog has documented some of the stress, hilarity, and chaos associated with undergraduate (and some post-graduate) theses. Enjoy!

We love a little procrastination here at Geekosystem. We also love academic research AND oversimplification. It’s like Angela Frankel combined all of our favorite things into one genius idea.

Why you should follow:

A few times a day (usually) you get to see what someone poured years of study and effort into, but then you also get to see it cut down to one sentence that makes you wonder if it was really all worth it. It could come across as a little mean-spirited, but considering the source is a person dealing with her own frustrations with working on a thesis we’re willing to forgive that and just enjoy it. And we do. A lot.

Great tweets:

Here are some of our favorite examples of what makes @lolmythesis so great.

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