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Kitchen Geekery: The Folding Colander


Pasta is an important part of a balanced geek-diet, and this fantastic Folding Colander made by Joseph Joseph, while not the first folding colander we’ve ever seen, is certainly the most attractive.

This fierce draining machine folds completely flat once your pasta liquid has been properly extracted. It’s equipped with 12 live hinges that lock up to safely hold food, and unlock to fit in the bottom of drawers or cabinets. Keeping gadget space to a minimum is important in a modern kitchen, where pots tend to pile and chaos ensues. The colander not only drains pasta or other steamed or boiled foods, it can also act as a bowl for fresh fruit, veggies, etc. Even better: it’s made from dishwasher-safe Polypropylene, and comes in five different colors. So you can match it to your Xbox controller! JOY!

(picture via SeriousEats)

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