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Florence Pugh Is Designing Her Own Kitchen for ‘Cooking With Flo’ THANK GOD

Florence Pugh is popular for a great many reasons. She’s a talented actress, she’s proudly herself in interviews and on social media, and she’s become an actress that so many of us love for one reason or another. Someone I call my “face twin” who also just plays characters I tend to love, Pugh is a powerhouse, and it’s truly her world that we’re all just living in right now.

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In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Pugh talked about a great many things, from her career to her upcoming projects and her personal life and ability to stand up for herself. All of it is a clear sign as to why we love Pugh (and even had a quote from her Black Widow co-star Scarlett Johansson talking about how confident Pugh is). But we also got a bit of news about Pugh’s very popular cooking videos that have taken over the internet.

“I’m designing my kitchen in London at the moment,” Pugh said. “I’m literally designing it just so that it can be ready for ‘Cooking With Flo.’” The videos became a staple of quarantine and something that fans wait for on Pugh’s channel, so knowing that in the midst of being the global superstar she is, she’s still doing her cooking videos? Thank whatever higher being is smiling down on us all.

The joy of Cooking With Flo

The videos are in no way a professional cooking show, but they give us a look into Florence Pugh and her love for cooking and making things, and they’re fun. She often makes videos in long sequences on Instagram stories where they end up just being food she’s made from either whatever was left over, what she was feeling that day, or just something she likes to whip up quickly.

They often include Flo dancing around the kitchen to music and drinking something she’s made in the process, and they bring joy to those of us who see the amount of stories she posted on the app because we know it means there’s a new cooking episode coming our way. And part of the joy is that we like Florence Pugh as an actress and person, so we end up liking her videos as an extension of that, but it’s also just relatable because she’s not a professional chef; she’s just a woman in her kitchen having fun.

Cooking With Flo has become such a thing that shirts are made, people have alerts for the next episode, and I even went as that version of Florence Pugh for Halloween.

Florence Pugh constantly shows herself as a talented performer (her Oscar nomination for Little Women is just the beginning), but I also hope that we never stop getting these videos, mainly because it makes many of us try new things with our cooking but also because what other cooking am I going to watch if it’s not Florence Pugh’s where she’s dancing around, making mistakes, and just having a fun time?

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