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Flappy Bird May Return to App Stores, Just In Time For No One To Care

Man, that was so three weeks ago.


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Remember when game developer Dong Nguyen got so fed up with the attention his simple sidescroller Flappy Bird was getting that he deleted it from app stores entirely? Yeah, maybe he’s changed his mind. Not getting $50,000 dollars a day in ad revenue will do that to a person, we guess.

According to his recent interview with Rolling Stone, Nguyen is “considering” bringing the game back online, with one added caveat: that the game would now tell players to take breaks after they’ve been at it for extended periods of time. Please, like anyone will listen to that. Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds practically begged me to stop playing it, and did I listen? No sir.

Nguyen first removed the game from the iTunes app store and Google Play after he became concerned that players were too addicted to getting that bird to flap between those pipes. Which doesn’t necessarily seem fair, considering that he designed the game to be played one-handed on long train rides. Maybe he was worried that those commuters were all missing their stops due to Flappy Bird? Still, Nguyen definitely didn’t deserve the insane amounts of criticism he got for the game in the first place, so we understand his desire to remove himself from the spotlight. He just better not expect anyone to get as excited about the game as they once did if it does return. Most of us are pretty much over it by now.

(via The Verge, image via Flappy Bird)

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