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Watch a Flamethrower and a Fire Extinguisher Battle in Slow Motion

The epic music video sorcerers of OK Go just might have some serious competition in the form of Dancing Pigeons, a French electronica group. Their latest music video, directed by the always-fascinating Tomas Mankovsky, features a slow-motion battle between a flamethrower and a fire extinguisher. It is as awesome as you would expect.

Shot at 1000 FPS and inspired by the dueling customs of “hillbillies” “somewhere in the States,” to use Mankovsky’s words, the video presented its share of technical challenges. Mankovsky tells Adland:

It was difficult to know how this shootout would look like in superslowmo. We did some tests with a gas-flamethrower but the flame was only 2-3 meters and it looked quite bad in slowmo, so the special effects guys had to build a new flamethrower from scratch. They made one with liquid fuel, and that one was much better, firing out 10-15 meter flames. But the first time we saw how the flamethrower and fire extinguisher looked and behaved in slowmo was on the day of the shoot.

We assume Mankovsky, Dancing Pigeons, and company were impressed with the results. We sure are:

(Dancing Pigeons’ MySpace; video via AdLand)

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