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Zack Snyder Reveals Our First Look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman

There's no word in Dothraki for thanks, but is there one in Atlantean?

Unite the seven what, though?? Seas? Members of the Justice League? Kingdoms of Westeros? Because he sort of halfheartedly tried that once, you’ll remember, and it ended up with him just the tiniest bit on fire. Just sayin’.

Personally I’m digging the look Zack Snyder tweeted to his followers last night, though I can’t help thinking that it looks kind of like Jason Momoa was halfway into taking off his shoulder pads and they left some giant scaly imprints in his skin, like when you take off skinny jeans and you can still see the seams on your thighs. That’s the danger of matching your tattoos to your accessories, I suppose.

Is anybody Batman v. Superexcited right now?

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