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First Look Images From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Have Me HYPE

Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Fans of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes were fed yesterday as Sebastian Stan posted a first look picture of Sam and Bucky’s new costumes for Marvel and Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It also came just in time for the internet to unleash plenty of set pictures, now that production of the show seems to be back in session after having been paused because of COVID-19.

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This is the first look we’re getting at Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in their new costumes that were first released in the poster for the show. I just hope that Falcon always has that cigar in his mouth, to be quite honest.


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We also got a video of U.S. Agent John Walker (Wyatt Russell), which … basically confirms my theory that the government doesn’t want Sam Wilson to be Captain America and is taking that title away from him—which does happen in the comics when the public doesn’t deem Sam worthy of having the shield.

We’ve also got some other set pictures of Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter, George St. Pierre as Batroc the Leaper, and a look at Desmond Chiam!

I’m incredibly excited about the programming coming to Disney+ for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The world of both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson is fascinating because they’ve been so connected to Steve Rogers that they haven’t really had their moment to shine, and now they have to take on their own bad guys from the past (what up, Daniel Brühl as Zemo) as well as deal with the fact that someone has taken the shield away from Sam.

All of this feels very poignant for this point in time in our own world, as well as letting us see how far Sam Wilson is willing to fight for what is rightfully his. Give this man the shield he deserves! After all this time, we’re finally going to see Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes get their moment, and when the show does finally premiere, I’ll be anxiously awaiting what happens to these two incredible characters! (That is, if we ever get a release date. I just want to know when I can prepare to cry over Sam and Bucky.)

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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