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Finally! First Female Writer Added to CBS’ Upcoming Star Trek Series


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As the announcements have continued to roll out for the upcoming Star Trek series for CBS All Access, one question has been lingering in our minds: will they be hiring women on this writing staff any time soon? Well, they just have!

Bryan Fuller will be showrunning and has created the new show with Alex Kurtzman. Then Nicholas Meyer (aka, The Guy Who Wrote Wrath of Khan) was announced. The most recent announcement was that Gene Roddenberry’s son, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry and Roddenberry Productions COO, Trevor Roth, would be joining the team as Executive Producers. Now, finally, we have our first female name in the mix: Kirsten Beyer.

As reported by

“Kirsten Beyer, who has been crafting the Star Trek: Voyager relaunch novel series since 2009, confirmed to TrekCore that she will be joining Bryan Fuller and the rest of the writing staff for the 2017 Star Trek series coming to CBS All Access.

Beyer has written eight full-length novels covering the ongoing adventures of the USS Voyager crew after the return from the Delta Quadrant, a role she took over from novelist Kristie Golden, who left the Voyager book series in 2004.

The author has been praised for her knack with tying disparate bits of Trek continuity together in her novels, tying relatively obscure or one-time events from the Voyager television episodes into her writing, and may bring a similar skill set to the Trek 2017 writers room.”

It’s exciting that a woman who not only has a bunch of experience writing in the Star Trek universe, but also spends a lot of time writing for the franchise’s only female captain (so far), will be on this team! I’m very excited to see what she’ll bring to the table!

Next up, how about hiring a couple of people of color, Mr. Fuller? (PS – I’m both, and I’m totally available!)

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