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The First Detective Pikachu Reactions Break the Video Game Movie Curse

Pika pika!

Pikachu looks for clues in the trailer for Detective Pikachu.

The first reviews for Detective Pikachu are in, and it seems as though the video game movie curse is broken. The early reviews call it charming and praise the humor, fun, and Pokémon designs. Honestly, given the marketing and trailers, this doesn’t surprise me, but it is nice to see that those of us who guessed the film would be enjoyable based on that first ridiculous trailer weren’t let down.

Sometimes, we just need fun movies. Detective Pikachu is exactly what the popcorn film doctor ordered. It’s about something millennials and Gen Z have a great nostalgia for, which is a recipe for not only potential box office success, but a lot of love from audiences. Besides, the premise is very Who Framed Roger Rabbit, another cult classic. The creative team knew what they were doing when they crafted this film.

It’s great to hear that the film avoids video game movie tropes and instead explores other genres, which might be the secret to saving the subgenre of video game films. It’s also great to hear that Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds are a great pair, as they’re going to be the heart of the film. Check out the reviews below!

DETECTIVE PIKACHU is everything a Pokémon fan could ever want in a live-action film, it’s charming, funny, and heartfelt.

If you didn’t grow up with this brand, this movie does a great job introducing you to this world! #DetectivePikachu

— Skyler Shuler (@Skylerhxc) April 25, 2019

Not all reviews were as glowing, though, with one reaction implying it was a little more predictable and a little less fun for non-Pokémon fans.

Still, even with a less glowing review in the mix, the film sounds excellent. Who doesn’t want to see an adorable Pikachu solve crimes?

Catch us opening weekend to see Detective Pikachu on May 10. Will we see you there?

(image: Warner Bros.)

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