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Final Fantasy XIV Ragequit Costs Square Enix $26 Million

According to a rumor floating around, a Final Fantasy XIV player was so fed up with what he felt was the game’s poor quality, that he ragequit, like everyone who has ever played a video game in the history of video games has done at least once in their life. The difference here, is the Japanese player reportedly sold $26 million dollars of Square Enix stock, causing the company’s stock value to drop 1800 yen per share, to 1735 per share.

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The story is a little weird, with the details actually lining up to make the story seem more true than false.

On October 2nd, a post appeared on the interent:

“First thing in the morning tomorrow, I intend to instruct those who manage my precious SquareEnix stock (however little it may be) to arrange to sell all of it. To Square, thank you for the enjoyment of your products up until now, with the exception of this last one. Goodbye.”

The person claimed to have around a 1% share of Square Enix stock and 5 days later, Square Enix’s stock dropped $26 million dollars, 1% of their total stock value.

The post on FFXIVcore claims the story seems legit and posted a Yahoo! Japan page showcasing Square Enix stock data. If you’re interested, check it out. I won’t be providing an analysis seeing as how I don’t have a head for stocks. Or math. Or numbers.

(FFXIVcore via Massively)

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