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Fennec Shand Makes Her Debut in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Fennec Shand in the Bad Batch

Star Wars’ Fennec Shand was introduced to us in The Mandalorian, and getting to learn more about her throughout season 2 was exciting—mainly because having Ming-Na Wen in anything is a brilliant time. And now we’re learning more about Fennec before her live-action appearance! How did Fennec end up becoming the assassin we meet in The Mandalorian? Well, now we have a little bit of an idea.

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In the most recent episode of The Bad Batch, we get to see the Dad Batch trying to make their way through the galaxy and trying to keep Omega safe, but doing so gets a lot harder when Fennec Shand shows up.

**Spoilers from the most recent episode of The Bad Batch lie within.**

The Bad Batch is trying to find a safe place to hide out after running from the Empire. Each new week, they’re face to face with some new challenge, and time isn’t exactly on their side. They have to run, but they need gas and supplies to do so, and now that the Empire isn’t paying their bills, they have a lot more struggles than they’re used to. And now, they have to fight against a bounty out for Omega that they didn’t know about before. In comes Fennec Shand.

What we know about Fennec Shand is that she is a highly trained assassin, and so when she shows up with a bounty for Omega, it can’t be a good thing. The Dad Batch is on the run with Omega and they’re trying to get resources and scatter their signal to save them, but when Fennec finds out they’re there, their simple supply run turns into a rescue mission.

Omega, for the most part, holds her own in the fight against Fennec and escapes multiple times even as Fennec takes out both Hunter and Wrecker at different moments. Omega runs, hides, and eventually ends up hanging on for dear life off a maintenance tower, and Hunter has to steal a vehicle to try to save her.

Fennec Shand was a master assassin long before she came to cross paths with Din Djarin. That’s clear in this episode, as she takes on TWO members of the Bad Batch and comes out relatively successfully until Omega and Hunter use a bomb to get her off their tail. Omega and the Batch run away from Fennec, but if we know anything from her live-action counterpart, Fennec Shand isn’t one to just move on from a bounty.

I hope we get to see more of Fennec Shand. Maybe not trying to capture Omega and doing whatever it takes to do so, but learning a bit more about Fennec is exciting, especially since we know where she ends up (and at the side of Boba Fett).

(image: Lucasfilm)

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