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The Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme is Now a Book You Can Buy for 8 Bucks


Hey girl, you may have seen a meme in the past year that involves Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling espousing feminist theory. Feminist Ryan Gosling, it’s succinctly named, as memes tend to be. Now, in the footsteps of Look At That F*cking Hipster and People of Walmart, Feminist Ryan Gosling is coming to a printed book near you.

Here’s the books description over on the Amazon page:

What started as a silly way for blogger Danielle Henderson and her classmates to keep track of the feminist theorists they were studying in class quickly turned into an overnight sensation. Since its launch in October 2011, the Feminist Ryan Gosling blog has close to 30,000 followers and more than 3 million page views per month.

In this hilarious book based on the wildly popular blog, the author pairs swoon-worthy photos of the steamy actor with sensitive feminist theories and plenty of sweet talk. Included are 120 full-color photos and captions throughout, with some of the best entries from the blog along with 70 to 80 percent brand-new material for the book.

Here’s a few instances of the meme to get you up to speed if you aren’t already familiar with it:

You can pre-order the thing from Amazon for a measly eight bucks, so if you like pictures of an attractive actor, and like when he agrees with all of your equal rights thoughts, Feminist Ryan Gosling seems like a good buy

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