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Felicity Jones Might’ve Tripped Up and Told Us Who She’s Playing In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun


During the press junket for her new indie film Breathe In, actress Felicity Jones was caught off guard when the interviewer straight up asked her whether she’s “looking forward to everyone seeing you as [CHARACTER NAME REDACTED]?” in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Wow. Go right for it, interviewer.

You can judge for yourself, but Jones’ response sure makes it look to me like she is playing that character. Unmarked spoilers behind the cut, be ye warned.

The evidence:

Interviewer: Are you looking forward to everyone seeing you as Black Cat, finally?

Jones: Um, well, yeah, possibly. Yeah, I kind of… it’s, um, yeah, if that happens it would be wonderful, yeah.

So basically: “Yes, I am playing Black Cat, but I wasn’t supposed to say anything, oh crap!” It looks even more like she let the cat out of the bag—pause for tomato throwing—if you watch the video (the relevant bit starts at 1:23). Poor woman. (And kind of a jerk move from the interviewer, to be honest.) May the PR gods reach down from heaven and toughen up her soul for future interviews. The superhero junket is not a place for the weak.

That Jones is playing Black Cat, if true, isn’t that big a surprise. People were speculating that that’s who she’d play all the way back when she was cast. Another recent rumor we’ve heard is that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will actually have four villains, or at least four characters who are villains in the comics. Some of them could easily be small, pre-baddie parts intended to be fleshed out later, something that could be true of Black Cat, too. After all, four baddies and three once and future love interests for Spidey is kiiiiind of a bit much for one movie.

Good thing two sequels are already confirmed, then. For certain values of “good thing.” Forgive me, I didn’t like the first Amazing Spider-Man.

(via: blastr, picture by Edinburgh International Film Festival)

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