Did You Hear About the Fantastic Four/X-Men Movie Crossover? Are There Any Pants on Fire in Your Area?

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This morning a financial news site offhandedly mentioned that Fox Studios was ramping up their Fantastic Four reboot at least partially so that they could dovetail it neatly into a massive crossover with their ever-expanding X-Men franchise. It was stated offhandedly in the midst of a speculative report on the earning potential of the other two companies that own film rights to Marvel characters, Sony and Fox.

It’s been widely run with and reported as a new rumor around the web, but don’t go planning your Michael B. Jordan/Ellen Page slashfic just yet.

While it’s surprising that news of a crossover between two franchises that are already about teams of superheroes would leak as an aside in an online publication, the idea that Fox would want to do it in the first place isn’t too surprising. They’ve already crossed future X-Men with past, so why not throw four more folks into the mix? The name of the game is to top The Avengers, at least for Warner Bros., Fox, and Sony these days. But the speculation was shortlived.

The Motley Fool, who initially reported the crossover, has since edited their post, saying:

A previous version of this article inaccurately reported a planned film release that combined both X-Men and Fantastic Four. The Fool regrets the error.

So simmer down, everybody. I mean, at least lets wait and see if the new Fantastic Four is better than the last. Low bar that that is.

(The Motley Fool via /Film.)

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