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Things We Saw Today: Fans Showing Their Love For Kelly Marie Tran Has Us Emotional

There's Rose!

Kelly Marie Train as Rose Tico piloting a ship in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The discourse and excitement ahead of The Rise of Skywalker is reaching deafening levels and we’re all going a little bit crazy waiting for the final film in this legendary saga to drop next week. But it’s not all disappointing ship news or worrisome interviews—there’s some positive stuff too, and even better, it’s about Kelly Marie Tran, who plays optimistic Rose Tico in the franchise.

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Tran saw the worst of fandom after The Last Jedi and left Instagram after racist and sexist trolls mounted campaigns against her. If those people represent the worst of fandom, the girls who presented Tran with a handmade book of fan art and a custom “where’s Rose?” comic at a recent even represent the best.

It’s so lovely to see Kelly getting this sort of love from fans, and it’s a great reminder that the trolls are a minority of the fandom, and that these movies and their characters seriously matter to people especially, younger female fans. While we can all argue whether or not The Last Jedi was good (it was) or whether it was a bad idea that there wasn’t a more cohesive plan for the trilogy at the outset (again … it was), we can all agree that this fandom started from just a bunch of young people loving a movie that meant something to them—and that’s still the case.

Kelly is a wonderful icon for a new generation and it’s so inspiring to see that she’s touched people, and we love seeing her get love from those fans. We love you too Kelly and we’re glad we finally found the answer to “where’s Rose?”

Here’s a few other things we saw today.

  • First, an extremely important update on Olaf’s height.

  • The Matrix 4 has a release date of May 21, 2021 … and The Flash movie is theoretically coming in 2022. (via THR)
  • Hey, did you know that the man inside the Mandalorian armor a lot of the time is … John Wayne’s Grandson?! (via Vulture)
  • Congrats to Taika Waititi on his Entertainer of the Year title! Or is it En ent?

  • There are actually a few Entertainers of the Year, and from Lizzo to Regina King to The Case of Succession and Awkwafina … we can’t disagree. (via EW)
  • The president’s idiot adult son (no, the other one) killed an endangered … sheep? (via Vice)
  • Bad news for Marvel TV as we knew it under Jeph Loeb. (via Deadline)
  • And finally…we bless the rains.

What did YOU see today??

(image: LucasFilm)

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