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Excuse Me, Olaf is HOW TALL?

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Sometimes too much time on the internet can lead to some horrifying discoveries, as we learned this weekend when some intrepid souls on twitter figured out that, Olaf from Frozen has a listed height of…FIVE FOOT FOUR INCHES?


It was hard for some to handle…

This isn’t just a bit awkward for the vertically challenged who probably always figured “at least I’m taller than the cartoon snowman,” but the implications of this are…terrifying.

If Olaf is that tall we’ve seriously underestimates the Scandanavian hardiness of Elsa and her friends…

I did some investigative reporting into this… and while I can still find the Google answer that is cited above, the actual page it links to says nothing about Olaf’s height. Further, I have rewatched Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, where this mythical scene is supposed to happen and I can’t find it.

It’s possible that this happens in a storybook adaptation somewhere, no…not on screen.

Also, I think we’re forgetting something really important if Olaf was measuring himself with a borrowed ruler? Olaf can’t read!

So sleep sound, internet. Olaf is not canonically 5’4”. Also…I hate to break it to you, but he’s not even “real” at all.

So….I guess the moral here is that things on the internet can be wrong? Or that we should all live in fear of giant sentient snowmen? Whatever makes twitter funny.

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