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This Fan-Made Blackest Night Trailer Almost Redeems Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern Movie

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie is an embarrassing footnote in his history of superhero movie appearances, along with the first iteration of Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins. These days, Reynolds is happy to joke around about these past efforts, having acknowledged those flops many times in interviews–and reiterating that he’s grateful he’s been given a second chance with the new Deadpool, which some might say has redeemed him in comic book fans’ eyes. Or, at least, Marvel fans. But what about DC fans?

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They might see some value in Reynolds’ portrayal of Hal Jordon now, thanks to the work of some very talented fan editors. Even Reynolds could be surprised by how good this trailer makes his old Green Lantern movie look. This trailer, which is for a movie that isn’t actually happening, is based on DC Comics’ “Blackest Night” storyline from the late aughts.

There actually could be a chance that a “Blackest Night” storyline could happen on a DC TV show sometime soon, with The Flash and Arrow having included a lot of previous references to Green Lantern canon in the past. That’s why several DC TV versions of characters also end up making cameos in this fan-made trailer, which also features tons of DC characters from the recent Batman v Superman movie as well.

This epic fan-made collaboration is the work of several YouTube creators; Ultrasargent, the user hosting the video, worked with AList Productions and EL Edits (the latter of whom did the visual effects). AList Productions also put together their own shorter version of the fan trailer, which you can check out here:

Pretty cool, huh? It’s definitely a nice palate cleanser, given how disappointing DC’s movies have been lately. It’d be neat to see a version of this storyline on the big screen that didn’t disappoint, and this fan-made creation is a great example of how it might be done well.

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