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Things We Saw Today: Everyone Is Talking About the Best Songs From Fake Musicians

Brie Larson in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Randall Otis, who is a writer for The Daily Show, asked a seemingly harmless question of Twitter:

The problem? EVERYONE jumped to say “Scotty Doesn’t Know” from the movie Eurotrip.

And yes, if this was 2004, I’d probably agree with you. But it’s 2020 and we’ve had 16 MORE years of incredible movies and television shows featuring songs from bands and musicians that exist in that property and not IRL.

Luckily, people jumped in with some other incredible suggestions.

To clarify, I took this “fake” song as meaning a song performed in a movie that was written FOR the movie or was performed in the movie and wasn’t originally famous for a band/artist. Like yes, Lustra did “Scotty Doesn’t Know” but did so for the movie. Does that make sense? So I’m counting “Black Sheep” by Metric for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World because it was released as a song for the movie even if it wasn’t written specifically for it. (This is all arbitrary they’re literally songs in movies or television shows.)

I asked the staff of The Mary Sue for some suggestions and together, we’ve come up with the following list of brilliant songs from pop culture that are “fake” songs!

“Black Sheep” from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

“That Thing You Do” from That Thing You Do

The entire soundtrack to Inside Llewyn Davis

“I 2 I” from A Goofy Movie

“You All Everybody” from Lost 

“Fever Dog” from Almost Famous

Mafuyu’s Song from Given

“I Saw Your Face And Wow” from Hey Arnold

“Set It All Free” from Sing 

“Kendall’s Rap” from Succession

“5000 Candles In The Wind” from Parks and Recreation

Did your favorite make the list? Let us know what you love!

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Here are some things we saw out there today:

Anything we missed? Let us know what you saw out there in the comments below!

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