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Facebook Will Hit One Billion Users This Summer

Just when you thought the site with the second highest traffic U.S. traffic couldn’t get any bigger, digital marketing agency iCrossing extrapolated some numbers and found that if Facebook continues to grow at the rate it has been, it will hit one billion active users by this summer.

The marketing firm points out that Facebook recently announced it hit 800 million active users, so the social networking site doesn’t have very far to go before it can boast it has as many active users as one-seventh of the world’s population. iCrossing projects that Facebook will hit the monumental number sometime during August of this year.

The report also notes that when looking at the number starting from 2006, Facebook looks like it was growing at an exponential rate, but the more one studies the numbers, the more it looks like Facebook is actually growing in a linear fashion. The firm also points out that Facebook’s growth rate has either slowed or entirely stopped in its early adopting countries, such as the U.S. and the U.K., but the site continues to grow due to becoming available in new markets, like India and Brazil. Compared to the 49% of the United States population that uses Facebook, for instance, only 3% of India’s population has signed up, which certainly leaves a lot of room for growth.

One can only wonder if Facebook will continue down the path of taking over the Internet, or if some new social network will come along and knock it off its throne, as Facebook once did to, um, what was that thing called again?

(via iCrossing)

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