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Top Reasons People Will Unfriend You On Facebook [Infographic]

Want to know why people are unfriending you on Facebook? Well, it’s not as easy to tell as it was back when everybody was doing it for the Whoppers. Sometimes you just know, but other times the best you can do is venture a guess, and this infographic from NM Incite can help you narrow it down. Most of the time it’s due to offensive comments, or the fact that you were never real friends with people in the first place. But you can also get cut off for updating too frequently or too infrequently. If it makes you feel any better, “physical attractiveness” and “increasing friend count” rank 4 and 5 on the list of reasons to friend people in the first place, so you’re probably better off with fewer friends in that case. Or, at least, that’s a good thing to tell yourself if you need to sleep at night.

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(NM Incite via Huffington Post)

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