Facebook May Soon Let You Dislike Something: Comments

We’re not talking about the long-desired “dislike button,” but if the annotated screenshot above from AllFacebook is the real deal, Facebook may soon be rolling out a new comment system that includes such features as threaded comments (this alone would be a big deal), user location or afflilations displayed within the thread, and, most notably, positive and negative votes on other comments.

There’d also be a system for keeping track of comment count and rating:

The feedback rating is the percentage of votes that were positive. If a comment received no feedback, there won’t be a rating. Unfortunately we have yet to determine whether or not this will become a global feedback rating as a mechanism for preventing spam, however it’s pretty obvious that having a higher feedback rating is a good thing. Additionally, a comment count will show how many comments a user has contributed to a thread

Presumably, based on this picture, negative votes would remain anonymous so as not to tear friendships asunder. Still, letting people register disapproval of anything on Facebook by a mechanism other than all-caps flamewars would be a pretty big change.

No word on when this feature hits the masses, if at all, but it just could unleash a wave of pent up passive-aggressive Facebook rage when it does.

(AllFacebook via Mashable)

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