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Exploding Techology

Artist Todd McLellan takes products that have defined modern convenience for years — clocks, tapedecks, cameras — and blows them apart creating amazing images of the precision inside these mundane things. His work is rather humbling, not only because of the labor involved in taking apart things which were never meant to be disassembled, but how his pictures reveal a mystery in these mostly outdated objects. I, for one, cannot honestly say that I understand what every piece within a tape recorderdoes, and in this image there are many pieces whose function I can only guess at.

Interestingly,McLellan’s work leans more toward the analog than the digital. Perhaps it’s because outmoded technology yields more surprising mysteries; we don’t use typewriters anymore but most people still have only the loosest understanding of their operation. Or perhaps it’s just to look cool, and his work certainly succeeds in that regard.

(Todd McLellan via BoingBoing)

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