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Ewan McGregor Is Totally Up for an Obi-Wan Movie, But You’re Making Him Look Desperate


With all the upcoming Star Wars films and a Han Solo film, fans have been speculating about which other characters will also be getting their own movies. From Guillermo del Toro’s proposed Jabba the Hutt film and all kinds of other rumors, the result is that the actors themselves can’t go anywhere without being interrogated about possibilities.

Ewan McGregor, who’s mentioned off-handedly before that he’d be interested in an Obi-Wan solo film, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently where the host asked him the inevitable question: Is an Obi-Wan Kenobi film possible? Is that something he’d want to do?

We’ve been excited for the possibility, eagerly sharing fan trailers and such, but it seems like McGregor is seriously tired of this question and we don’t blame him. He’s said before that he’s been “criticized for trying to persuade Disney to make this movie” and that he finds it “humiliating” that “now it look like I’m sort of looking for work.” Responding to Kimmel, McGregor explains that he answers the Obi-Wan question out of politeness, but “it’s got to the point that it looks like I’m toting at Disney’s front door, like ‘Give me the Obi-Wan spin off!'” It’s easy to get carried away about projects we feel passionate and excited about—I’m prone to it myself—but when an actor directly says he’s exhausted by a conversation it’s a good idea to listen.

Del Toro has mentioned this tendency to jump on rumors too quickly as well, and how anytime he says he’s even remotely interested in something it quickly turns into a full IMDB page and a million write-ups. A stand-alone Obi-Wan movie would be great, but it’s probably time to stop grilling McGregor for details every time he makes a public appearance.

In the full interview, McGregor also talks about getting a lightsaber from the set and gaining weight for a scene in Fargo.

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