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Everything We Know About Disney’s Stan Lee Documentary

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On December 28—the day that would have been Stan Lee’s 100th birthday—Marvel announced a new Stan Lee documentary, titled Stan Lee, coming to Disney Plus sometime in 2023.

It’s impossible to overstate how significant Stan Lee was not just to Marvel, but to the entire history of comic books and superhero media. Lee, born in 1922, got his start as a teenage editorial assistant at Timely Comics, the company that would eventually become Marvel. In 1961, Lee worked with artist Jack Kirby on the Fantastic Four Celebrates 60 Years of the First Family of Marvel”>Fantastic Four, which launched Marvel to new heights of fame. Lee was also involved in the creation of hundreds of other Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor (with a little assist from Norse mythology), the Silver Surfer, and Black Panther. If you have a favorite Marvel character, chances are that Stan Lee had a hand in creating them. His name is practically synonymous with Marvel.

Lee also appeared in numerous cameo appearances in Marvel films. He appeared as all kinds of characters, from a delivery guy to a bus passenger to a Sakaarian barber. Seeing where Lee popped up in each MCU entry was fun not just because of the pleasure of finding an Easter egg, but because seeing Marvel characters alongside one of their creators lent an extra bit of magic to the films. Sadly, the tradition came to an end when Lee died in 2018.

However, despite his fan base, Lee’s career was marked by controversy, with his collaborators claiming that he took more credit for Marvel comics than he deserved. Jack Kirby, for instance, stated in a 1989 interview that he and Lee “never collaborated on anything,” and that the Fantastic Four were Kirby’s creation.

So what’s going to be in this documentary? Here’s what we know so far!

Is there a trailer for the Stan Lee documentary?

The teaser trailer for the documentary came out on the 28th, when the documentary was announced. The teaser admittedly doesn’t reveal much. We see a bunch of Lee’s cameos, and then a stylized drawing of his face. That’s about it so far!

However, it’s a safe bet that the documentary will cover Lee’s life and career. There will probably be interviews with people who knew him! Perhaps some behind-the-scenes footage of those cameos. Since the documentary is being produced by Disney and Marvel, it’ll probably be pretty kind to the comics legend.

When is the release window for the Stan Lee documentary?

2023! That’s literally all we know at this point. The documentary will come out sometime in 2023.

Is this the first Stan Lee documentary?

If you’re desperate for some Stan Lee content, don’t worry! Another documentary, With Great Power: the Stan Lee story, came out in 2010. There are also several Stan Lee biographies, including True Believer: the Rise and Fall of Stan Lee, and A Marvelous Life: the Amazing Story of Stan Lee.

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