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Everyone Who Said They’d Watch One Piece If Biden Won Had Better Get Started!

The price of victory sure is steep!

So on one of the Tuesdays last week (there were four, by the way, before we reached Saturday), the Internet did what the Internet does best: try to cope with … whatever this year has been. Despite O U T G O I N G President Trump’s best efforts, all the votes were being counted, but Count von Count is a thorough vampire, and tallying the numbers takes time. I’m not sure who started the “If Biden wins, I’ll do (x)” trend, but I do know that it made its way into the anime community, and people now have some daunting tasks before them.

This tweet came courtesy of Destiny Senpai, host of the anime podcast “Getting Animated.” It was met with a mix of “OMG FINALLY” and “Sis, don’t do this to yourself.” Now, see, I was smart enough to NOT make any promises like this. I’ve only committed to the Straw Hat Pirates one time in my life, and I plan on keeping it that way.

Shoutout to my cousin, who I watched an episode with because he was going through a hard time. Sometimes, when things are rough, you order pizza and watch the Whitebeard episode (which, according to my cousin, is a must-watch).

One Piece wasn’t the only series being tweeted about. Writer, actress, and geek culture host Cheyenne (a.k.a. Cheyenne the Geek) added this gem of a series to the pile.



You should’ve stuck with Jujutsu Kaisen.

In general, the series that were being mentioned in these declarations were long-running shonen anime that take serious commitment to get through. Naruto is broken into multiple series, including the current one about his son. I was a Naruto fan who gave up on “believing it” during series number two (Shippuden), around the giant ninja war. But One Piece? O O F! At least Naruto is divided into different series. One Piece is still at it with almost 1000 manga chapters and over 900 episodes! The series started back in 1997, but hey, it’ll apparently end in five years? That should be enough time to get caught up, right?

Because yeah. Joe Biden is our new President-elect.

One Piece fans were quick to remind those who dared to speak this incantation into the universe to get to watching. Tag yourself in Kiiing Krystal’s video. I’m Nagisa, the cute blond in that Free! Iwatobi Swim Club wall scroll watching everyone start this series from afar.

For me, this “I’ll watch (x)” trend was one of the many, many, maaaaany ways people were trying to deal with the stress of the week. We’d all already voted, but the waiting for the results was excruciating. As someone who started a new job during election week, I greatly appreciated any form of stress relief. You can only make fun of Nevada for so long before the anxiety makes you obsessively refresh the results page. Yes, I wrote an entire piece about disengaging from the election as a form of self-care, but I’m bad at taking my own advice, especially when my livelihood is on the line. Again.

Seeing ongoing tweets of “here’s what I’ll watch” being posted like Hail Mary prayers to some animated higher power was nice. That being said … a lot of y’all are about to go through it, whether it’s because of the quality of the series, the sheer length of it, or some of the arcs that end up being way more emotional than you planned. Be sure to stay hydrated during those marathons.

And no, I’ll never admit what my “here’s what I’ll watch” anime is. I’m not that brave.

(featured image: Toei Animation)

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