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Ay Caramba! Every Episode Of The Simpsons To Air In 12 Day Marathon

I will not sit in front of the TV for two weeks/I will not sit in front of the TV for two weeks/I will not

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Have a gap in your Simpsons lexicon? You’ll be able to fill it this August, when every episode from the show’s quarter century of satire and shorts-eating will air in a 12 day span. Book your time off now and prepare to participate in Springfield’s history. If you have cable, that is.

Cable network FFX will start the landmark marathon on August 21st, ending the 552-episode streak on Labor Day. FFX licensed the series last year for a cool $500 million, and will also offer every episode for streaming in August via the FXNow app and show four hours of old episodes every Sunday (or, you know, Daddy-Daughter day) leading up to the 26th season’s premiere in the Fall.

You and your dysfunctional family better start prepping some couch gags of your own.

(Rolling Stone via Laughing Squid , image via The Simpsons)

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