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Every ‘Coral Island’ Romance Option, Ranked

Now that Stairway Games’ gorgeous farming and life sim, Coral Island, has officially launched, the developers have unlocked romance options and the ability to get married and start a family. Like in any roleplaying game, relationships are a huge part of the experience in Coral Island. With nearly 30 potential romance options and dozens of other characters to befriend as well, players won’t be left wanting for quests and plotty cut scenes.

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Unfortunately, some of the 28 (!!!) romance options in Coral Island are still in development and have not been released in-game. According to the devlog in the official Discord, Stairway Games is actively working on romances for the merpeople Miranjani, Denali, and Semeru. Until then, there are still 25 possible romances to explore, each with its own heart events and storyline.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Here are the 25 available romance options in Coral Island, ranked.

25. Pablo

Pablo blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Pablo runs the local blacksmith with his brother, Rafael. Pablo is super social and often goes to the tavern to play pool or otherwise hang out with his friends. Unfortunately, he has a hard time seeing past his own nose, so it takes him a long time to understand that just because he is super social, not everyone shares that trait. Pablo is also a mega-flirt, which may or may not be appealing to potential romantic partners.

24. Charles

Charles blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Charles is one of the local doctors, which he takes a little too seriously—he even goes as far as to dispense medical advice when he’s not at the clinic. He’s generally very anxious and struggles with his own health concerns, including severe allergies. Getting to know Charles is bumpy at first, but once he gets comfortable, it’s clear he’s caring, compassionate, and kind. This romance takes some time to get rolling, but if it feels right, just have patience.

23. Surya

Surya blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Surya is a marine biologist who works at the local lab alongside Lin, Leah’s stepmom. He initially moves in with his aunt, uncle, and cousin when he arrives in Coral Island, then attempts to move out—which complicates his relationship with his family, who want him to continue living with them. He’s smart, but not always savvy, and romancing him means understanding and accepting his family dynamic, which he sometimes needs help navigating.

22. Millie

Millie blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Millie both works at the local library and oversees the local museum, in addition to helping the mayor put together annual festivals. She likes restoring old books and bird watching, but she’s also an accomplished writer with a particular interest in unique, local phenomena. Talking to Millie is always interesting, though she easily gets caught up in her own task load. Her romance is on the quieter side.

21. Lily

Lily blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Lily is a computer programmer whose job is super-secret: She can’t, and won’t, tell you anything about it. She currently lives at home with her brother, Theo, and their dad, Jim, caring for her bonsai garden and working. Although her current setup suits her needs, Lily is a solitary person who would like to finally move out and establish her routines away from her family. To that end, romancing her takes time, but it’s time well spent.

20. Yuri

Yuri blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Yuri, one of the town doctors, spent years providing volunteer medical services to people all over the world before moving to Coral Island, where she’s still finding her place. She’s very close with her roommate, Millie, and with the other town doctor, Charles. Yuri is super friendly and always wants to help, and she’s also very candid about her feelings. Her romance is a slow, steady burn.

19. Luke

Luke blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Luke’s parents always assumed he would take over their vineyard once he came of age, but instead, he opened an electronics shop downtown. He’s super independent, which is always a mix of good and bad, and he’s exceedingly polite and very attentive. His romance is nice, if mostly unremarkable.

18. Suki

Suki blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Single mom Suki would do anything for her daughter, Valentina, and for her twin sister, Alice. Running the family inn together isn’t always easy, nor is maintaining a friendship with Valentina’s dad, Antonio, but Suki does her best. She’s a little scattered, but she’s deeply affectionate, and once she cares about you, she doesn’t stop.

17. Alice

Alice blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Alice’s days are structured around running the local inn with her twin sister, Suki. In her off time, she loves reading anything she can get her hands on, but she has a special fondness for weird and paranormal stuff. Although she’s demure, she’s super smart and very savvy, offering a fluttery kind of romance.

16. Raj

Raj smiling in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Raj loves coffee and has a passion for how it’s roasted, blended, brewed, and served. Unfortunately, being passionate about coffee is only one piece of owning a coffee shop, especially one that’s outdoors. Finding their place within the Coral Island community takes Raj some time, which gives you something in common. Oh, and did we mention they’re smooth? They’re very smooth.

15. Scott

Scott blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

When Coral Island sells its entire museum collection to pay off significant debt, it leaves museum curator and artifact enthusiast Scott drifting in the wind. However, he has an idea to not just restore, but completely reinvent the museum, which will rely on his social skills and business acumen in addition to his love of old things. Getting to know this big-hearted, charming nerd is worth every moment spent gathering critters and artifacts for display.

14. Kenny

Kenny blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Kenny grew up on Coral Island, working at his parents’ ranch and establishing deep roots. He cares for all creatures, plants, and spirits, which drives his curiosity as he tries to solve some of the island’s ancient mysteries. Kenny is a little bit goofy and very earnest, so falling for him almost feels inevitable.

13. Rafael

Rafael blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Quiet, unassuming Rafael believes in the mythos of a magical hammer, which he wants to make for himself using his skills as a blacksmith. He prefers staying home to watch a movie over going out for drinks with friends, and although he struggles to get on the same page as his brother, Pablo, or even be remembered (ouch) by their parents, he loves his family deeply. Seeing him interact with his niece, Valentina, is particularly sweet. Loving Rafael feels comforting and warm.

12. Ben

Ben blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Ben is the town hippie who lives in his van and holds weekend markets where you can acquire furniture, seeds, and other odds and ends. He leaves for a couple weeks every fall to explore, but otherwise maintains solid relationships with seemingly everyone in town. He loves his pet duck more than anything, and strives to do right by him no matter what. It’s hard not to like Ben, and romancing him is a chill, but still thrilling adventure.

11. Leah

Leah blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Leah runs weekly yoga classes at the community center, though her true passion lies in fashion. She has a strained relationship with her stepmother, the scientist Lin, which is a core part of her storyline in Coral Island. Leah wears her heart on her sleeve and dreams of having pets one day, though she’s outwardly cold to anyone who approaches her—until you get her to open up, at which point it’s almost impossible not to fall for her.

10. Chaem

Chaem blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Chaem is a part-time lifeguard and full-time volleyball enthusiast, whose athleticism lends itself well to her desire to compete in a national volleyball competition. Although she seems quite reserved upon meeting, once she opens up about her favorite sport, that changes. Dating her means lots of beach time for both relaxation and sport, and every interaction is a joy.

9. Nina

Nina blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Nina has a complicated relationship with Coral Island. She grew up there and knows everyone in town, but now that her parents are gone, she feels strange living in their massive, beachside villa—especially because of how much of the town her family outright owns. She comes and goes as she figures out her place, and your shared history and potential romance are especially impactful.

8. Theo

Theo blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Theo has two great loves in his life: fishing, from his father, and music, from his late mother. His easy nature is challenged by the depth of his grief, which he tries to channel into productivity and doing what he loves. Falling in love with him almost feels natural in how it surprises you when you least expect it.

7. Noah

Noah blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Noah comes from a big family and worries constantly about his mom, Betty, whose age is catching up to her. He’s interested in weird phenomena and doesn’t have huge dreams like his siblings, which is alright by him. Sometimes, the simple life is the right choice, and it doesn’t make this romance any less meaningful.

6. Macy

Macy blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Macy is a super-talented photographer who prefers to take photos of nature, many of which are displayed in her permanent room at the town inn. She’s also very kind: When Macy finds a blue lobster without a claw, she brings it home and nurses it back to health, bonding with it in the process. This romance is unexpected and breezy.

5. Aaliyah

Aaliyah blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Aaliyah dreams of being an astronaut, and she has the skills and the dedication to join a space program. Her mom, Betty, worries about Aaliyah leaving Coral Island, creating a complex and multilayered story as Aaliyah determines what’s best for her future. Loving her is easy, but playing a part in her decision-making is a little more complicated.

4. Wakuu

Wakuu blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Wakuu is a gentle soul whose passion for astronomy makes him butt heads often with his father, a legacy fisherman. Wakuu stands up for everyone he cares about even as he struggles to stand up for himself, and getting to know him reveals his strength and kindness. This romance feels like a slow burn in the best way.

3. Zarah

Zarah blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Zarah is a treasure hunter who lives on a beautiful houseboat docked by the town square. She’s enthusiastic and bright, and she questions absolutely everything. Adventuring with Zarah around Coral Island is a major highlight of the game, and her romance is super sweet.

2. Mark

Mark blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Mark presents as a tough guy whose sole concern is keeping the monsters in the local caverns at bay. And while he’s an integral part of the monster-fighting team, he’s also a reformed bully who rescues stray dogs and volunteers at the animal shelter. Falling in love with Mark is easy, and his storyline is nuanced and lovely.

1. Eva

Eva blushing in Coral Island
(Stairway Games)

Eva, the town baker, is an absolute sweetheart whose enthusiasm for spending time with others is infectious. When she’s accepted into a televised baking competition, she spends days perfecting one of her family recipes, showing off her dedication and her humble nature. It’s impossible not to be charmed by Eva.

Coral Island is available for PC via Steam for $29.99.

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Correction: This list has been updated to correct Raj’s pronouns.

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