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You Can Now Watch Even More of The Expanse Online (and That’s a Good Thing)

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After the early streaming of The Expanse‘s pilot online (not to mention the premiere of the first two episodes on TV), Syfy has announced that it’s making the first four episodes of its latest TV adaptation available to watch online and on demand. This comes after an online launch date for the pilot saw an impressive 4.4 million samples between its November 23rd preview and when the episode actually aired on December 14th.

The benefit to watching episodes 1-4 online now is that we’re actually getting the last two up early in advance of their release dates–December 22nd and December 29th, respectively–and honestly, since watching this show feels more like a film broken up into many parts, I’m glad that Syfy is giving fans the opportunity to ingest more of the story instead of making us wait.

Critics have already been touting this series as the next Battlestar Galactica–and given that I’ve only seen one episode so far, I can’t really speak to that comparison. (Technically, Battlestar Galactica was already the new Battlestar Galactica, if we’re keeping track.)

But I will say that I am definitely looking forward to watching more of The Expanse. Its impressive world-building and fascinating characters also convinced me to start reading the book series in tandem with the show. On that level, one could say it certainly evokes a feeling similar to BSG. I’ll be able to form more of an opinion once I watch more–and now I’ll be able to!

Have you started your deep dive into The Expanse yet? Any characters you’re intrigued by so far?

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