Loki in the bar talking to Sylvie in Loki

Even Loki’s New Funko Pop Looks Depressed

Chin up, God Loki :(

Loki season 2 has ended, and as is tradition, the new Funko Pop has dropped. And wow, is this little guy a downer!

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The Pop shows Loki in his final form: “God Loki,” sitting on a golden throne he never wanted. Around him, you can see the gold-veined stone of He Who Remains’ citadel, which also forms the latest version of his iconic horned crown. Pops generally don’t come with mouths, but you can see from Loki’s upturned eyebrows that he’s not thrilled to be there.

For $30, you can buy yourself this Pop and use it to bring down your mood whenever you lay eyes on it. Feeling carefree? Musing about how great your life is? Never fear—you’ll always have this handy reminder that Loki is trapped for all eternity by himself, manually preserving the infinite timelines of the multiverse instead of kicking back with his friends. What a treat!

At least those little eyebrows validate the gut-punch that a lot of fans felt after watching the season finale. There’s no way Marvel will end Loki’s story on a devastating note like that, right?

Loki’s a tree now, but he may come back

In the season 2 finale of Loki, Loki realizes that there’s only one way to break He Who Remains’ cycle of destruction: he has to break the Temporal Loom and take control of the multiverse itself. However, this decision entails leaving Mobius, Sylvie, and his other friends behind, and encasing himself inside of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Is he there forever? Does anyone know he’s still alive in there? Can he at least get up for a glass of water? The last scene in the series, which shows Mobius alone and Loki seemingly trapped within the strands of time, suggests that his outlook isn’t great.

However, there are already murmurs that Yggdrasil isn’t Loki’s final fate. He’s rumored to appear in Deadpool 3, which will also reportedly feature the Time Variance Authority. Plus, in a recent interview, Tom Hiddleston said it would be “unwise” to consider Loki’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over.

So hang in there, little God Loki Pop! Kevin Feige will have you out of that chair in a jiffy.

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