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Even Joe Biden Is Mocking Trump’s Ridiculous “Major Announcement”

Donald Trump wears a red MAGA hat while driving a golf cart, gives a thumbs up to the camera

You know … I’m starting to think that maybe Donald Trump really is playing five-dimensional chess. Seriously, who would willingly drag themselves this hard? Who would make such a fool of themselves in front of the entire world?

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In case you only just woke up and you’re wondering what’s happened: This morning, Donald Trump made the “major announcement” that he’s been teasing all week. That announcement turned out to have nothing to do with his 2024 presidential campaign, which he announced a few weeks ago. Nope—Trump released a series of thousands of NFT trading cards depicting him in various infantile fantasy scenarios, including a wild west sheriff, an astronaut, and a race car driver. There’s even one that depicts Trump riding an elephant. We’re not making this up! It actually happened! This is reality now!

Everyone is now dunking on Trump, which is the only logical response to this kind of embarrassing behavior from a toxic public figure. I doubt Trump will ever notice or understand that he’s a laughingstock, since the only goal he understands is getting any attention at any cost, but at least we’re all having fun.

Even Joe Biden is getting in on the action!

Oh, ho! It’s almost as if the current President of the United States is an actual public servant instead of a narcissistic clown!

Anyway, if Trump’s only goal was to get everyone to talk about him for a day—in the way that a little kid breaks a vase because they’re starved for literally any kind of attention—then it worked. Congrats, Trump, we’re all talking about you again. Even the guy who beat you in the 2020 election is talking about you. Looks like he’s spending most of his time doing his actual job, though.

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