Evangeline Lilly on Letterman: What Kate Does (and Doesn’t) Know about the LOST Ending

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Evangeline Lilly appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to participate in America’s favorite pastime: Trying to predict how LOST will end. Lilly herself claimed not to know as much as all of the other characters by virtue of not reading the script as far as she did (though she said she knows as much as Kate knows by the end of the show).

Letterman teased two possibilities: The Sopranos-style ‘fade to black’ ending and the ‘it’s all a dream ending,’ which he said was the only satisfying possibility he could imagine. Evangeline Lilly’s response: “The ending of The Sopranos that you just described kind of sounds like the ending of every other LOST episode. The finale, without giving too much away, holds true to our LOST traditions. It represents the show nicely.” Oh great.

Check out the interview:

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