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The Creator of Sam and Dean Says the Winchesters Would Vote for Biden

Listen to Eric Kripke!

Supernatural -- "Gimme Shelter" -- Image Number: SN1515B_0248r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Many genre shows don’t ever get overtly political, but that doesn’t stop us from knowing that people like Captain Picard or Admiral Adama or even The Doctor would vote against Donald Trump because they value things like decency and compassion. We can intuit that. Science fiction and fantasy make for great mediums to play out our own societal issues on completely alien fronts, not generally naming names. But sometimes creators step in and tell us what the characters they thought up would do in a certain situation.

And that’s what Supernatural creator Eric Kripke (now the man behind The Boys) did last night when he popped online between the end of the Presidential debate and the start of the West Coast airing of Supernatural. According to Kripke, Sam and Dean Winchester would be ridin’ (the Impala) for Biden.

There was one caveat of course …

(For the record Dean has also slept with a porn star but that was in a generally very bad episode in season nine that was after Kripke’s time and no one likes to think about. At least he killed a mean goddess to save her after instead of getting a fixer to pay her off!)

The Winchesters voting for Biden makes complete sense. They fight for good and they value the lives of their friends and extended family. For instance, they care about the LGBTQ community, which for them includes people like Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day), so they would vote against a president that opposed the right of those people! (And The Winchesters themselves depending on which fanfic you read…)

Oh and they sort of live with an illegal immigrant. At least I don’t think Castiel ever got his papers in order when he came to earth. Speaking of Cas, his portrayer, Misha Collins, had a small wrench to throw in Sam and Dean’s voting plans.

And yeah … Sam and Dean would probably have a hard time voting. So would Cas and Jack, since they’re not legally “people” and Jack is like, three? But the Winchesters always find a way. There’s gotta be a spell they could do or an identity they could borrow. Now voter fraud is wrong but, uh, the Winchesters aren’t always on the right side of the law.

But they are on the side of justice, and just like Jensen Ackles here, they would find a way to vote. For Biden!


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Done and Done. Get out there folks and make your voice heard. Only you can do it. #vote

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Also, remember the time Lucifer literally possessed the President on Supernatural … and it was still better than Trump? Good times. Go vote!

(Image: Colin Bentley/The CW)

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