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[UPDATED] Han Is Dressed Like Mal Reynolds, and These Could Be Episode VII’s Stormtroopers

Aren't they a little short to be stormtroopers?


[UPDATE] Indie Revolver has released a few more shots of Episode VII stuff, which feature art of some of Han’s outfits. I can’t put my finger on it, but his new duds remind me of someone…


OH, right, this guy:

Film Title: Serenity.

So feel free to do a little happy dance about that one.

He’s also got a cold weather outfit, which would go well with the theorized snowtrooper below:


[Original Post] It looks like Indie Revolver’s Jay Carlson has some images of what stormtroopers will look like in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. They look… pretty much like stormtroopers, actually, which is encouraging.

According to Carlson, the above image is the standard stormtrooper helmet, but its design is slightly asymmetrical with the vent on the left side in the picture being the only one. Then there’s the image below, which he believes to be an Empire-style snowtrooper despite speculation that it’s actually a “Jungle Trooper.”


Whatever the second one actually turns out to be, the designs clearly show the influence of the original trilogy, which will be nice after the jarring visual differences of a lot of things in the prequel trilogy. It’s also pretty decidedly imperial, so we’ll have to wait and see to what extent the Galactic Empire has been stamped out by the time Episode VII picks up. [Ed. note: If they bring up the Imperial Remnant from EU, I will jump for joy. FOR JOY I SAY—Victoria]

Or maybe stormtroopers are on the side of the good guys again like the clone troopers! Or maybe there’s time travel involved! Maybe it’s aliens! (Actually, it’s definitely aliens.) We’ll basically take any tidbit of information as license to speculate wildly at this point, Abrams, you sneaky so-and-so.

(via Indie Revolver)

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