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Yet Another Way in Which Your Smart Phone Will Betray You

KDDI Research and Development (which is a subsidiary of KDDI, one of Japan’s largest phone companies) has developed a phone that lets your manager know whether you are slacking off.  Not by listening in, or by watching with the phone’s camera, but by using software that “learns” your daily routine from the phone’s accelerometer and then reports on when you deviate from the norm. reports:

The 1984-ish technology works through the use of data sent remotely from an acceleration sensor embedded in the employee’s cellphone. It’s uncomfortably close to having the acceleration sensor embedded in the actual employee. Ouch!

The technology is an enhanced version of current cellphone motion sensors that can note repetitive movements. By adding a back-end analytical server, however, it’s now possible to detect and determine more complex actions… or the lack thereof.

And we thought accelerometers where just for fun.

Complete article at Inventorspot.

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