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Ellen DeGeneres Rips Eric Trump for Including Her in a Conspiracy Theory That Makes His SNL Incarnation Look Smart

Which one is he again?

Each of Donald Trump’s adult children has their own unique role to play, and Eric Trump is sure doubling down on his. Not only does he seem to think that there’s some kind of “deep state” conspiracy behind who Twitter recommends for the president’s most useless child to follow, but he seems to think Ellen DeGeneres is part of it.

He tweeted out a screenshot of Twitter’s suggestions to him to suggest the conspiracy, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the list is more revealing of his (and his family’s) obsessions than of any kind of conspiracy.

In addition to DeGeneres, Twitter suggested Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who Trump and Co. can’t seem to shut up about while they simultaneously complain that everyone else is having trouble moving on from the election and the past. Eric Trump doesn’t have a reputation for being the most competent of the bunch, as his Saturday Night Live incarnation makes clear to a cartoonish extent, although this complete lack of self-awareness sure gives that a run for its money.

DeGeneres mocked him for including her in the nonsense conspiracy theory, but not before asking, “First of all, which one is Eric,” and reminding everyone of the Trump sons’ awful hunting habits. Honestly, I’m more surprised by DeGeneres’ appearance in his suggestions than the others, though. What has Eric Trump been doing with his time online that resulted in that suggestion? Maybe Eric Trump’s life could use more Ellen content in it. She’s right; that video of a cat massaging a dog is pretty cute. We’d all probably be a lot better off if that whole family embraced their own inner Ellen fans. Don’t fight it, Eric.

(via TV Line, image: screengrab)

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