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Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal Reunited At The Oscars, And I’m Totally Not Fangirling Over It

Mom and dad together again!

Pedro Pascal and Elizabeth Olsen at the Oscars

There were many fine presenters who took to the stage to hand out awards during this year’s Oscars. But the two who set my heart ablaze—and the internet’s—was everyone’s favorite tortured witch and gruff dad, Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal.

Although she’s fresh off the premiere of her new show Love and Death, which was shown at SXSW yesterday, Olsen had taken a step back from the limelight after the whirlwind that was the Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness press tour last May. So, it was a bit of shock to fans when they learned she would be a presenter at this year’s Oscars. But a lovely one nonetheless.

As for Pascal, it was a no-brainer to have him on stage. He’s been on a bit of a popularity high between the nonstop critical acclaim of The Last of Us and the release of the third season of The Mandalorian two weeks ago.

Regardless of if you knew they were presenting together or if it was a happy surprise, I know I wasn’t the only person who let out a squeal of joy when these two superstars strolled out together. Fans across the Twitter-verse collectively lost their minds seeing these actors reunite.

Here’s hoping some Hollywood producer took note of the chemistry these two had. Put the Olsen/Pascal movie into action!

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