Elijah Wood Is About to Jump on Reddit for an AMA About His New Movie Grand Piano

Plus you get to read what I thought about the movie!
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If you have any questions for Elijah Wood about his new movie Grand Piano (which is really great, by the way), then now’s your chance. He’ll be on Reddit today from 3:30-5:30PM ET taking questions.

You can jump on the AMA on Reddit already and get your questions ready.

The movie’s already available on demand and through iTunes, but it hits theaters on March 7th. Here’s the trailer:

I had the chance to catch an advance screening of the movie a few weeks ago, and I really love it.

Wood plays a pianist giving the performance of his life for many reasons. He’s coming out of retirement. He’s playing an incredibly difficult, “unplayable” piece on his dead mentor’s personal piano, oh and John Cusack has a sniper rifle trained on him the whole time. It’s tense and at times a little over the top, but that actually works in its favor. Instead of coming across as an overly intense straight thriller, there’s some fun to it, as well.

Wood and Cusack are tremendous in their respective tormented/tormentor roles, and Alex Winter even pops up a few times. I can’t tell if he steals the show on his own, or if I’m just really excited any time I see Alex Winter in things, but his scenes are some of my favorites.

The film is Hitchockian down to a clever, if not 100% believable MacGuffin in the reason Cusack is threatening Wood. I won’t give it away, but it’s similar to the movie Phone Booth but not terrible like the movie Phone Booth. The movie plays out in almost real time, and Wood arrives at and plays through the concert.

You can grab the film online now, but for the full effect, go see it in a theater. The moments where the tension is broken with humor will hit a lot stronger if you’re watching with an audience.

(Reddit via Grand Piano)

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