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It’s Official: The Ecto-Cooler Hi-C Flavor Is Coming Back. Thanks, Ghostbusters!


Ever since the initial announcements about the Ghostbusters reboot, fans have speculated that Hi-C would bring back the “Ecto Cooler” flavor of juice, one of the best-loved marketing tie-ins of the 1980s. The fandom is just so excited to give Hi-C their money all over again. I’m not even sure if the fans came up with this idea first, or if Hi-C did, but it doesn’t even matter. Today we’ve learned that the flavor is coming back!!! It’s official.

Hi-C has just launched an “EctoCooler” Twitter account, and it’s got just one tweet so far: today’s announcement about the return of the flavor. The company has also registered an domain, which is a great domain name, although there’s almost no actual information on the website yet. We do get a good look at the new design for the juice box, though.

This new design already got leaked a couple of months ago by some fans, so this seems to be confirmation that Slimer won’t be returning to the logo. The design still features the characteristic green slime, but now there’s also a picture of some oranges as opposed to Slimer like in the original logo. Here’s the original logo, in case anybody forgot:

Hi-C ecto cooler

Remember that text on the front? “Contains 10% juice.” Such a low percentage!

The first two ingredients in the new recipe, at least according to the leaks from two months ago, are water and high fructose corn syrup. I do realize the original Ecto Cooler was supposed to taste like orange and tangerine, but I’m not sure it ever really tasted like much of anything. Mostly it just tasted like a refreshing surge of sugar (not to be confused with Surge).

Is Ecto Cooler going to taste the same? Even if Hi-C uses exactly the same recipe, it’ll probably taste different anyway because your taste buds have changed since the last time you had a sip of the stuff. But, uh … at least it’s still probably going to contain your 100% daily value of Vitamin C! Mmm.

(via io9, image via Jennifer Boyer on Flickr)

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