Dyson Engineers Make Impressive Dragsters Out of Vacuum Parts

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As you may know, Dyson prides itself on makings some really serious vacuums. As such, its vacuums takes some really serious components and are made by some really serious engineers. Of course, you can’t be making vacuums all the time, so Dyson’s 650 U.K. engineers decided to have a little fun and use some spare vacuum parts to build mini DIY drag racers. The results were pretty impressive.

You’ll note that for the most part, these are pretty small devices, and that all of them are one trick ponies, but there is one impressive standout that actually carries the weight of a man. The next time you’re vacuuming, especially if it’s with a Dyson, just imagine all the other cool things those parts could be doing instead of just sucking dust. Forget the pinewood derby, someone get me, like, 17 vacuum cleaners! Also, several engineers!

(via Core77)

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