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In Case You Forgot That Time Is Relative, Here’s A Norwegian Bracelet To Annoy Remind You

Time to get a watch


Time for a new watch? Norwegian company Skrekstore has designed a “gender neutral bracelet” to remind us of the relativity of time, how fleeting our lives are, and annoy the crap out of everyone around us.

Said gender-neutral bracelet is called Durr  (I’m annoyed already), and is a time keeper but not a watch (not all of this article will be riddles, I swear.) Rather than telling time like you would expect/hope it too, Durrs vibrate at five minute intervals to make the wearer conscious of the passage of time. Says Skrestore on their website:

“We made Durr to explore how we perceive 5 minutes in different situations. By markedly shivering every 5 minutes, it creates a haptic rythm to make us notice the changing tempo of time.  Our ability to accurately estimate durations depend on a range of factors. With Durr you become aware of how your brain alters the length of a bus ride, how fast you finish a beer, how time flies by when you enjoy yourself, and drags along when you wait in line at the post office.”

Although Durr would probably be useful in developing a George Michael-like internal body clock, we’re not sure its uses as a party trick or conversation starter outweigh how utterly horrifying the concept is.

The subjective passage of time is fairly widely accepted– many people agree that time seems to speed up as we age, and that there are moments when it appears to stand still or fly by. Most of us are painfully aware of the time we have remaining to us and the moments we have wasted, and therefore don’t need a gender-neutral bracelet to “markedly” remind us every five minutes of our failure to make the most of our precious irretrievable moments on Earth, or to interrupt otherwise enjoyable situations with a reminder of our own mortality and the finite nature of existence (when I’m “drinking a beer”, for instance, Skrekstore!).

In addition to offering death-countdown bracelets, Strekstore’s website also sells whimsical prints of  internal organs. They are therefore the spookiest Norwegian design firm we’ve ever encountered, although with captions such as the one on their Spleen print (“dum dum, me a gonna b filterin som blood”), their internal organ series is the least alarming of their products and something we would actually hang on our walls.

If you do want a Durr — maybe you lost your Scattergories timer or you’re in the market for a ineffective personal massager– the limited stock of the bracelets (which would’ve run you Ninety Euros) are already sold out. You could order one now– but then how would you have a way of measuring how long it felt like it maybe took for your gender neutral bracelet to arrive?

(via News Of The Weird, photo credit via Sam Cox)


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