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Things We Saw Today: “The Most Star-Studded Dungeons & Dragons Event Ever”

The upcoming event “D&D Live 2020: Roll w/ Advantage” brings together an all-star group of gamers to reveal the latest storyline in June—and it’s raising money for a great cause.

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Dungeons & Dragons has been going strong with folks spending a lot of time inside; when you can’t venture out to the street or to stores or bars, you can still have a rollicking adventure. And now Wizards of the Coast is giving us a game event on an epic scale with their “D&D Live 2020” announcement:

An amazing cast of characters led by expert storytellers preview the latest D&D storyline with live gaming sessions, all while raising money for Red Nose Day to help the most vulnerable children across the US and around the world, who have been so affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The adventure begins 10:00am PT on June 18, 2020 and will run through June 20, 2020 at

Big names in geekery like Karen Gillan, David Harbour, and Brandon Routh will be playing along, and some other faces you might recognize:

Funny people like Brian Posehn, Kevin Sussman and Thomas Middleditch will work together to solve problems or, more likely, cause some hilarious new ones. WWE ® Superstars Xavier Woods ®, Tyler Breeze ®, Ember Moon ®, Alexa Bliss ® and Dio Maddin ® will contend with beefcake destroyer Jeremy Crawford, a.k.a. Principal Rules Designer for D&D. Deborah Ann Woll will lead a group of actors in improvising a way to help people in a fantasy world not that different from ours. And principal D&D writer Chris Perkins takes players new to D&D, including Brandon Routh and David Harbour, through adventures sure to de-mystify the hobby for all who tune in.

You can view the whole schedule for #DnDLive2020 at, and there’s a frankly adorable t-shirt commemorating the D&D partnership with Red Nose Day and featuring creature companion Snowy Owlbear. I’m kind of obsessed with this shirt design:

Snowy Owlbear red nose day dungeons and dragons t-shirt

I already grabbed my Snowy Owlbear shirt, and the campaign for that stays open until June 1st, 2020. There’s also “a custom-designed adventure families can easily play together” available. Here’s a bit more info on what D&D Live 2020 has in store, and how to better benefit Red Nose Day:

Fans of D&D will learn all about the new setting and storyline as well as accompanying new products plus tons of unique gameplay available on June 18, 2020. D&D Adventurers League has four new short adventures everyone can enjoy. By donating a small amount to Red Nose Day, fans will have access to sign up for D&D sessions with players around the world! During #DnDLive2020, fans will also be able to choose the character best suited to help the region through Reality RP, a mashup of fantasy storytelling, community engagement, and reality television.

(images: Wizards of the Coast/screengrab)

Art thou feeling it now Mr Krabs?

It’s Memorial Day, and we hope everyone was safe out there (and inside). What did you see today?

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