Edgin, Simon, Holga, and Doric stand in Forge's stadium, looking pensive.

‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’: the Ending, Explained

Long live Jarnathan!!

There’s nothing like a rollicking adventure through a magical land with your best friends! Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has proven to be a delight to both fantasy lovers and D&D veterans, staying true to the game’s roots while giving its characters a meaty, funny emotional journey.

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The ending, in particular, is surprisingly gratifying. Let’s break it down!

Forge and Sofina are defeated

In a move that will probably surprise no one, Edgin (Chris Pine) and his plucky band of misfits manage to defeat both the traitorous Forge (Hugh Grant) and the Red Wizard Sofina (Daisy Head). Edgin and the others use magic and brute force to grind Sofina into the cobblestones, foiling her plan to turn the population of Neverwinter into a mindless army of the undead.

Forge is sentenced to hard labor in the same prison where Edgin and Holga (Michelle Rodriguez) were sentenced after being caught thieving. In a satisfying callback to the first scene of the movie, Forge pleads for an early release, and then tries to ride the bird-man Jarnathan out the window just like Edgin and Holga did. However, the council has bricked up the window since that escape, and Forge remains imprisoned.

Simon and Doric get back together

When we first meet Simon (Justice Smith) and Doric (Sophia Lillis), they have a romantic history—but Doric isn’t interested in reviving it. However, at the end of the film, they decide to give their relationship another go. What changed Doric’s mind, exactly? It’s not clear! But hey, we wish them all the best!

Edgin makes an impossible choice

I didn’t expect to get choked up at the end of a Dungeons and Dragons movie, but having kids does weird things to your brain. And hey, it’s a great scene!

After infiltrating Forge’s castle, Edgin finally gets his hands on the relic he’s been seeking throughout the entire film: the Tablet of Reawakening, a magical artifact that will allow him to bring his wife Zia back from the dead. Once he gets the tablet, Edgin can both have his wife back and give his daughter Kira (Chloe Coleman) the mother she never had.

However, after they defeat Sofina, Edgin sees that Holga has been stabbed by a red wizard’s blade—the type of wound that only the Tablet of Reawakening can reverse. That’s when Edgin realizes something: it’s Holga, not Zia, who has been a mother figure to Kira for her entire life. Although Edgin misses Zia terribly, and he and Holga don’t have a romantic relationship, it makes sense to use the tablet on Holga.

Edgin’s realization is confirmed when a blue dragonfly lands on his arm. It’s the same dragonfly that Zia once let out of their cottage, and he recognizes it as a sign that she’s telling him to bring back Holga. Edgin does so, and Holga wakes up. At first, she accuses Edgin of wasting the relic on her, but then she accepts that she’s part of their family.

The party adventures on

Will there be a Dungeons and Dragons sequel? Will the movie tie into the upcoming Paramount+ series? And what’s with that last corpse left sitting there in the post-credit scene!?

We may not know what’s in store for Edgin and company next, but for now, we know that Edgin has his daughter and his found family. What more does an honorable thief need?

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