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Everything We Know About the Dungeons and Dragons Live-Action TV Series So Far

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The Dungeons and Dragons Renaissance means we’re getting a lot of exciting new content—including a live-action tv series coming to Paramount in the not-too-distant future. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Who’s behind the Dungeons and Dragons live-action TV show?

Written and directed by Red Notice‘s Rawson Marshall Thuber, the eight-episode series is a joint project between Paramount Pictures and Hasbro’s eOne studio.

What’s the plot of the Dungeons and Dragons live-action TV show?

Dungeons and Dragons of course! Other than that we know frustratingly little about it. For whatever reasons Hasbro and Paramount are being weirdly close-lipped about this show. They’ve told us absolutely nothing about the plot so far, which elements of D&D canon they’re planning to include, or even whether or not it’s going to tie in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, that’s coming out on March 31st!

Who’s going to star in the Dungeons and Dragons live-action TV show?

We don’t know that either, sorry.

So far, from what little they’ve said on the subject, it seems like the intention for the Dungeons & Dragons universe is to have all the shows take place in a shared canon universe/timeline, like similar sprawling cinematic franchises that have dominated the geek media landscape in recent years. If that’s the case, and they are planning on serialising real play sessions, it will be interesting to see if they plan on integrating the outcome of those games with the canon of the wider universe—and how they plan on doing that if so—or whether the un-scripted shows will exist in a separate canon. Unfortunately at this stage, all we have to offer on that front is speculation, but once we do get an update we’ll let you know how it’s all going to play out.


They like being mysterious I guess? Maybe refusing to tell anyone anything about it really helps build the hype.

What’s the release date of the Dungeons and Dragons live-action TV show?

Look, we have no idea. Promise we’ll tell you when we do.

So what exactly do we know?

That this live-action series is only the beginning of what they have planned. Apparently, the as-yet-unnamed TV series is the opening act of eOne’s most ambitious project so far: an MCU-style Dungeons & Dragons expanded universe. This sprawling multi-show project is going to include both scripted and un-scripted shows, and even here they’ve managed to be infuriatingly vague by not going into details about what type of un-scripted shows they’re going to give us. The smart money in fan discourse is on Critical Role-style real-play games, as watching groups of strangers play D&D is more popular now than ever and it would be really cool to see where you could take that concept with a real, studio budget. However it could mean anything from game shows to post-match style discussions of scripted episodes—we just don’t know!

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