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My Heart Goes Out to the Character in That ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Post Credit Scene

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a funny, heartwarming, epic fantasy romp. Bonus: it has a post-credit scene!

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If you’re reading this before you see the movie, make sure you stay through the first segment of the credits to catch the tag. If you watched it and you need to commiserate over the poor soul left twiddling his thumbs in his own grave, look no further.

The Dungeons & Dragons post credit scene, explained

To understand the post-credit scene, you have to go back to the second act of the film. After Edgin finds out that Forge has turned Edgin’s daughter Kira against him, Edgin and the rest of the party try to find a magical helm that will help their resident wizard, Simon, improve at magic. After their old acquaintance Xenk tells them that the helm was last seen in a long-ago battle, they travel to a graveyard to interrogate the dead soldiers who fought in that battle. Simon may not know a ton of magic, but he can make a corpse answer a few questions, no problem.

They run into a couple of issues, though. First, each soldier only has a snippet of information about the helm—after all, you don’t see much beyond the tip of your own sword in the chaos of battle. They end up having to wake up every single soldier in the graveyard before they put together where the helm ended up.

Secondly, each corpse has to answer exactly five questions before they can go back to being dead.

For the most part, Edgin is pretty good about making sure he uses up all his questions before moving on. However, when he and the others wander off in the middle of their last interrogation, they inadvertently leave the last corpse sitting in his coffin, still reanimated. Turns out they still had one question to go.

In the post-credit scene, we return to that poor soul, still sitting expectantly in the empty cemetery. Won’t someone ask him a question? Anyone? Please! He just wants to go back to his eternal rest!

There’s also the matter of Edgin having left all the coffins dug up and opened, but I guess that’s not a big deal in the land of Dungeons and Dragons.

Could the Dungeons & Dragons post credit scene point to a sequel?

You know they’re going to milk this franchise for all it’s worth. Come on, you really think they’re going to make one movie in a potentially infinite series and then just leave it at that? My sweet summer child.

We haven’t heard any news of a theatrical sequel yet, although we do know that a streaming series is coming to Paramount+. We don’t know if the series will tie into the movie at all, but that one last corpse with his one last question available to any passersby certainly leaves open the possibility. The post-credit scene was most likely just a gag for its own sake, but you never know.

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