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7-11 to Roll Out Dual-Chambered Slurpee

Prepare to have your minds blown, gentle readers. The 24-hour junk food emporium 7-11 has announced that, starting this June, customers will be able to purchase a dual-chambered Slurpee cup. An idea so simple it’s shocking it has taken this long, the double-Slurpee cup will be topped with a special split-straw and valve. This way, drinkers can choose which flavor they wish to partake, or allow them to mix in the straw.

Until now, Slurpee aficionados were forced to simply layer their flavors if they wanted a mix. This was utterly unscientific, had no special straw or cup, and came at no extra cost. This new cup and straw combo should put a stop to all that.

(USA Today via BuzzFeed)

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