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‘Dr. Stone’ Season 3 Is Here, and I’m Ready To Get Stoned on Science

Dr Stone with the banner of science!

Science is cool. And totally freaky!

Science explains everything that is awesome and scary in our world. After all, SOMEONE has gotta deal with all the hazards that face humanity! People are re-growing frog limbs like they did in The Amazing Spider-Man? Sounds like science to me! The sun’s gonna blow up? Call science. The oceans are rising? Sounds like a job for science. A global pandemic wreaking havoc on the human population? Science. Science. Science.

But now, I have a new job for science. And unlike solving the energy crisis or whatever, this one is actually important. I want science to tell me where and when I can watch Season 3 of Dr. Stone. The fate of MY world hangs in the balance. So let’s resort to the scientific method shall we?

Hypothesis: Season 3 is currently an ongoing scientific phenomenon

How do I know this? What experiments have I done to test this hypothesis? What is my control group? Have my findings been peer reviewed? Well, according to my peers on the internet, Dr. Stone season 3 is ALREADY OUT. It came out on April 6, 2023! Hooray for science! God I love science, especially when someone else has done all the science FOR ME and I can just ask Google (AKA my science machine) to give me all the answers to my scientific queries. According to science, the English dub of Dr. Stone will drop on April 20. And as science reminds us, that’s 4/20 baby!

The proof: this cool trailer

Don’t believe me, huh? That’s alright, it’s important for one to remain skeptical with regards to all scientific matters. But prepare to be enlightened by my scientific discovery of this TRAILER for Season 3! Which I found using my scientific instruments (my fingers and computer keyboard) to uncover this bizarre scientific anomaly on YouTube!

In conclusion

There you have it: the culmination of my life’s work. My magnum opus. My greatest scientific achievement. Now, if you’d like to know what Dr. Stone intends to achieve during Season 3, I will tell you. Now that the Stone Wars have come to a close, the Kingdom of Science has set its sights on the foamy seas! Dr. Stone and his allies are going to use science to build a boat and travel across the world in an attempt to uncover the mystery of the disease that has turned humanity to stone! Excelsior! Now I’m about to lay back and get Dr. Stone-d watching it if you know what I’m sayin’.

(featured image: TMS Entertainment)

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